A local car detailer from Betoota Ponds has this week returned from this mad joint in Bali with a deep desire to continue his avid research into the ancient history and cultural traits of South-East Asia.

Warren Combs, was a self-confessed amatuer traveller a week ago. But he says that’s all changed.

At 30 years of age, the former five-eighth for the Betoota Dolphins under 20s says he’s been wanting to check out Kuta Beach for a while, and after 7 days exploring the museums and spice markets – he now considers himself a student of not only Indonesian Balinese culture but also the surrounding Lesser Sunda Islands.

“It’s just magic” he says.

“I’ve learnt so much. From the Majaphit Empire to the early Portuguese contact. I’m simply fascinated by our Oceanic neighbours and their ancient traditions”

While most people just assume Wazza might’ve spent the week smashing Bintangs and burning his leg on scooter mufflers, he says that’s not what it’s about at all.

“I swear some people do not understand Indonesia, hey” he says.

“Most people think it’s just Bali. When actually, it’s 17,000 Islands”

“Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic state and the 14th-largest country by area, at 1,904,569 square kilometres. It has over 275 million people and is the fourth-most populated coun try in the world. Java, the world’s most populous island, is home to more than half of the country’s population”

When asked what his highlight on the last week was, Warren says that’s a very tough call.

“I’d have to say it’s a tie between visiting the 1200 metre tall Lempuyang Temple in Karangasem…”

“Or our final night at Potatoe Heads. I drank like 16 beer towers and we were back flipping off the ten metre. Absolute pissa”


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