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Prince Harry is under fire this week for pointing out that mainstream journalism is largely done to a poor standard these days.

It comes after the latchkey royal made waves earlier this year by sharing some deeply unique and personal news that like many hundreds of millions of people around the world, they have a brother who is a fuckwit bully with no hair.

However, the key issue raised by this sad rich prod is not that his family has been a bit cruel to him and his wife, it’s about how malleable truth is when it comes to reporting on not just the affairs of his family but in almost every facet of mainstream journalism these days.

And for mearly suggesting that perhaps the media is partly to blame for what’s happened to him, Prince Harry is the bad guy.

The Advocate spoke to several residents around town on the issue to canvas what public sentiment there is.

Ironically, a Betoota Grove woman who in her own words is of similar stock to Prince Harry, was the most scathing of him.

Lady Jocasta Overell, the 34-year-old step-aunt and second-cousin of The Advocate’s editor Clancy, said that what Harry has done to the institution of the monarchy is unforgivable.

“He’s going to put his father in an early grave, the things he’s saying” she said.

“Soon, those Catholic mouthbreathers will be singing, ‘Nah nah nah nah na na na na! Charlie’s in a box! In a box! Charlie’s in a box!’ down at the football oval. They sung one for Queen Elizabeth, saying Lizzie was in a box. It was so ghastly.”

When asked whether she was making up her own assumptions based on what some Murdoch-owned red top reported, Lady Overell said she trusts what they tell her.

“Is it true, or did I read it in The Betoota Advocate?” she laughed.

“I get my news from people that look and speak like my parents. Alan Jones. Peta, uh, you know who I mean. The other one. Papers like The Australian. Good honest broadsheets.”

Our reporter then spoke to a Catholic mouthbreather from the French Quarter Celtic soccer club, who said he wasn’t interested in talking about the royal family.

“Yeah, we sung that song, who cares?” said Matt Rust.

“Why? I know that they say about Harry is bullshit but everything they say is bullshit. Politics, entertainment, sport. Every bit of journalism these days is rubbish. Even your newspaper isn’t much chop,”

“You get the truth online in places you’d least expect.”

More to come.


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