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An inside source of the royal family has informed The Advocate that King Charles has some trepidations about his impending surgery to fix an enlarged prostate, which is to be performed next week.

The details of King Charles enlarged prostate has circulated online this morning, leading many to ponder whether we should all know less about each other. However, the announcement has also been met with praise for raising awareness on what is a relatively common health issue for older blokes, who also happen to be the demographic least likely to get their health checked.

Also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, an enlarged prostate gland is common in older males, with roughly 50% of blokes in their 50s copping a case of the swollen sacred spot – a condition that is typically discovered when it becomes difficult to empty the bladder.

Despite being a relatively routine procedure, King Charles is alleged to be feeling anxious about going under the knife but not for the reasons you’d think.

According to the anonymous royal insider, Charles has been worried his surgeon who will be operating on his prostate might have ‘fingers like his.’

“Upon learning that his surgeon was also an older gentleman, Charles was concerned he might also have saus- I mean, fluid retention in the fingers.”

“As you can imagine, that could severely impact his recovery time.”

More to come.


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