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THOUGHT WE’D HAVE ONE BY NOW: International streaming service Netflix has recently come under fire for the fact that they did not release a documentary about the OceanGate Submersible within the same calendar year of the tragedy taking place. 

For an event that gripped the world for a week in June last year, entertainment insiders are perplexed as to why Netflix hasn’t yet released a doco, or even a dramatised mini series starring Evan Peters or Paul Giamatti, about it. 

“They’ve really dropped the ball on this one” an anonymous industry expert told the Advocate. “Netflix used to be the home of the tragedy doco’s. Remember Fyre Island and Tiger King? I mean, even Leah Remini had a multiple season series about Scientology. No wonder they’re struggling, they’ve lost sight of the reason people go to Netflix: f*cked up doco’s”. 

Netflix is a company not unfamiliar with criticism and controversy. In recent years it has felt the sting of competitors flooding the marketplace, losing subscribers and seeing plummeting stock prices at an unprecedented rate. In response it has raised it’s subscription prices and swarmed the platform with original fictional content called ‘Netflix Originals’, known by the public at large as ‘sh*thouse’.

“In my opinion, the way to get back on top is to give us something about the Titan, and soon. Otherwise HBO is going to have a crack at it and there’s just no coming back from that. Like, they’re the guys who did Leaving Neverland and the one about Elizabeth Holmes, so…”. 

The Advocate has reached out to Netflix representatives for comment, however they were busy working on an original movie expected to hit Rotten status within the week.


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