YOU GUYS NEVER GO ON FIELD TRIPS? The entire staff group from the Japanese Embassy in Canberra have today boarded a rental coach for what will likely be the longest journey they will ever take while traveling on land.

This marks the first official field trip in the history of Australia’s Japanese Embassy, as they depart for a impulsive visit to Victoria’s 90 Mile beach.

As a team, this particular embassy has traditionally been mostly focused on providing emergency passports for tourists who get robbed in North Queensland, or providing emergency accommodation for their own countrymen who make the mistake of staying in an Australian hostel with 40 drunken Brazilians.

But it appears that the Japanese Ambassador really just wanted to visit this random beach on the coastal edge of Victoria’s South-East Gippsland region.

It is not lost on any of the diplomats that this 6 and a half hour drive would be less than 50 minutes on a Japanese bullet train. But they aren’t in Japan right now, and they must respect the mediocre infrastructure and lack of vision that exists in their host country.

They also cannot travel by plane, incase they want to, um, bring something back with them as a memento of their lovely trip away.

Aside from some secretive correspondence with their own government, the Japanese embassy have not revealed to anyone else why they had decided on this funny old trip – and have kept their travel itinerary pretty close to their chest.

In fact, not even Australia’s most highly classified intelligence officers know what they are up to.

Advisors from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade say it’s a shame the Japanese didn’t announce this field trip, because they would have made sure to tell them that they probably want to give the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park a miss for the next month or so, just until the stench of beached marine animals has subsided.

Alas, they are already on the road, and are going to make the most of their little break from the daily grind.

And with ten or so hand-forged carbon steel tosa makko knives and a portable 30 tray commercial food dehydrator packed into the bottom of the bus, it looks like they might get a spot of fishing in!


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