A Gulf Country man has today raised the ire of his friendship group, after carrying on like an absolute pork chop last night. 

Enjoying a bit of a Friday night blow out at one of his local waterholes in Mt Isa, Greg Prince reportedly caused a bit of a stir after letting the boys know he was going to do something silly. 

Known for being one of the more rash blokes in his friendship group, the mechanic from Townview set the cat amongst the pigeons after revealing he was about to drive home. 

This comes despite the fact Prince had already consumed enough drinks to rule him out of nailing more than 50% of his pool shots. 

“Shut up, Greg,” laughed one of the more assertive mates at the licensed establishment. 

With another good samaritan mate getting up to wrestle the keys off Greg, the big fella offered up an extremely flimsy excuse for his poor behaviour. 

“Nah, stuff paying for a Taxi,” laughed Greg, who bought Seven Vodka Red Bulls less than an hour ago. 

That poorly thought out argument immediately drew a logical response from his mate, who may have had to ride a push bike to work way back in the day. 

“You just paid like a hundred bucks for those Vodka Red Bulls, I reckon you can cop a rock lobster for a taxi,” laughed his mate. 

With Greg beginning to release the resistance in the group, the impressionable mechanic folded like a cheap tent and agreed to cop a lift home. 

“Give me your keys, Greg, no silly buggers,” laughed his mate. 

More to come. 



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