Director Greta Gerwig, who has been praised for her film adaptation of the beloved Mattel product Barbie™ – has not received an Oscar nomination for best director.

The exclusion has resulted in furious backlash online, as has the snubbing of Margot Robbie as best actress.

However, it’s not just the Barbie-loving girlbosses who are upset about the Academy Award nominations this year – it seems that Saltburn fans are also seething.

Despite being this summer’s most controversial and widely discussed cult movies, Emerald Fennell’s ‘Saltburn’ failed to receive any Oscar nominations yesterday, sparking outrage from the sexually depraved freaks who hold this film close to their heart.

Despite the impressive cast and risk-taking screenplay, many would argue that the the lack of Oscar nominations for this film makes sense due to the lukewarm critical reception.

However, the fact that this widely popular film probably wasn’t good enough to win an Academy award, isn’t good enough for local Betoota deviant, Shane Lowerback (43).

“I liked it, and it spoke to me” he said.

“I connected with all of the themes, and I loved the actors”

“So therefore, it should be nominated for best picture and best actors”

While Saltburn may be unconventional and feature explicit scenes, the box office success has proven that it didn’t need Oscars validation to succeed.

But it’s not that simple for people like Shane.

Despite the fact that literally every film critic had previously suggested that this great movie didn’t meet the criteria to be an Academy Award-winner, millions of people who only watched one movie last year are unable to have an opinion unless their opinion is institutionally validated.

This is a weird phenomena, especially for someone like who has been marginalised due to his kinky interests.

“This just proves the film’s entire point” says Shane.

“The point is that middle class people pretending to be from broken homes in an effort to lure high society aristocrats into keep them like pets for sexual gratification are still not taken seriously by the Academy”

“But yet Ken still gets nominated!”



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