INVINCIBLE: Researchers have officially confirmed what we all secretly suspected: the original GHD hair straighteners are the Nokia 3310 of the beauty world.

Unbeatable, indestructible, and a relic from a time when flip phones and frosted tips were the epitome of cool.

Scientists at the Australian Institute of Hair (AIH) spent countless hours analysing the science behind of these iconic straighteners, only to discover that they’re made from the same unyielding material as Nokia’s legendary brick phone. Rumor has it, if the world were to end tomorrow, the only survivors would be cockroaches and the original GHDs.

With their sleek block like design and unparalleled ability to straighten even the most unruly of hair, these styling marvels have outlasted countless trends and split ends.

“The only constant in my life is my GHD Hair Straightener,” proudly declared one owner to Betoota. “If only men were as reliable,” they continued.

If you were lucky enough to have purchased one in the early Y2Ks, you’re one of the fortunate few in possession of engineering at its prime.

As Millennials navigate the unpredictable twists and turns of life, they find comfort in the one thing remains certain—the GHD Hair Straightener.

They’re a steadfast companion in a world where even love can be as fickle as yesterday’s hairstyle.


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