A micro act of rebellion is taking place at a Betoota Heights BBQ today as cheeky nephew Aidan Rorque (29) stood in solidarity with Indigenous brothers and sisters by being UnAustralian – in the eyes of his family.

According to Rorque, his family aren’t racists but they also don’t have enough historical insight to not take full advantage of a government sanctioned day off to get pissed.

And of course, what BBQ would be complete without Aussie rock, outdoor furniture and enough beers to drown a possum? The answer, probably a pretty standard BBQ, even if it takes place on a date that doesn’t symbolise a day of mourning for Indigenous people.

Quality aside, young Rorque decided he would attend his family’s distasteful BBQ but would severely limit his Australianess by drinking only mid-strength beers.

“I can so see why young people use mid as an insult,” stated Rorque, watching his family have the type of fun that requires complete detachment from the protests currently taking place in the main street of town.

“Today is not a day to celebrate and for a lot of reasons – not just because they changed the date of Hottest 100″

“Now that is something I WILL celebrate… With Coopers red, not this shit.”

Upon overhearing that the Hottest 100 changed their date six years ago, Rorque’s uncle Rich took a break from the backyard cricket to voice his outrage – before noticing that his nephew had polished off six of the beers he brought to the BBQ without even asking.  

Aidan reluctantly apologised.

“Yeah uncle, you’re right. It was a pretty shitty thing of me to take those beers from you”

“Tell you what, next year, let’s get together and celebrate the moment I took those beers from you, how does that sound?” 

“Don’t make it political please mate, stick to cricket.”



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