In a bizarre incident that perfectly encapsulates the complete decimation of gen-z’s attention span , Samantha Fernie (23), found herself accidentally swiping up on the pages of her paperback book during a beach day outing. 

Sources confirm that Samantha’s social media scrolling had taken such a powerful grip on her subconscious that even the serenity of the ocean couldn’t break the spell.

Although Samantha’s desire to be one of those girls that reads books on her own at the beach is strong, her low attention span has all but extinguished those dreams.

“I was just trying to enjoy the book I got for chrissy, you know? maybe get a flick of me reading it by the water, nothing more than that.” Samantha explained, still in shock from the incident.

“The scary thing is that I didn’t even realise what I was doing until I heard this strange scratching noise. It was just the sound of me swiping my finger across the paper”

Experts are saying the once feared attention span decrease in the younger generation is now a reality.

Some from Gen Z have reported that they struggle to sit through a movie, or even a youtube video, with tiktok and instagram memes being the only surviving form of entertainment.

Dr.Frank Bornsteing (72), a leading expert in psychology, weighed in on the incident, saying,

“It’s a clear case of overstimulation. When your primary source of entertainment involves endless scrolling and swiping, it’s only natural for those actions to infiltrate every aspect of life, like watching a movie or reading to this point of the article”


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