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After taking home his first Oscar in the Year of the Underdog, Brendan Fraser has once again cemented himself back into the minds of the public as ‘just a really great bloke hey’. 

Speaking at a press junket about his new movie which won him the Best Actor statue at the 2023 Academy Awards this past Sunday in America but Monday in Australia, Fraser has stated that The Whale is the movie of his which ‘will change lives’, allegedly forgetting the masterpiece he starred in at the turn of the century.

Despite only having a 50% approval rating on the now obviously rigged movie review website Rotten Tomatoes, Bedazzled is largely regarded as Fraser’s Magnum Opus. 

Starring alongside former flame of the great Shane Warne, Elizabeth Hurley, Bedazzled tackles deep and significant themes such as spirituality, morality, good versus evil, heaven and hell, and how hot Liz is holding a snake. 

So, while The Whale may have won Fraser a Best Actor at the 2023 Oscar Awards – this groundbreaking interrogation of masculinity, religion and loneliness simply does not hold a torch to a comedy about a dude who gets 7 wishes from a sexy British Satan but keeps getting hit with curveballs like an unexpected micropenis or being turned gay.


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