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An extremely unusual character has been unearthed in Betoota’s Old City District this afternoon.

In what is being described by local anthropologists as the first of a kind, a short local man has revealed himself to be a perfectly well adjusted human being who has no issues with the world at large.

Known to friends as Sam Marshall, it’s believed the young man has never been in a scrap since year 8 or 9, when his height wasn’t as noticeable amongst his peers.

“He’s played a couple hundred games for the Dolphins too,” explained one friend.

“And I can’t remember him ever throwing the ball at some big prop’s head and than disappearing behind his front row.”

“Or bumping into someone at the pub and then waiting for his mates to come and short the situation out.”

It’s believed this attitude has carried through to the rest of his life, with his friends explaining that if you want an argument about something – Marshall is not your guy.

“If you want a discussion, he’ll openly debate something till the cows come home,” said another friend.

“But if you want to bicker about who should be in the Origin team or who is funnier, you are out of luck.”

A local behavioural expert from South Betoota Polytechnic’s Anthropological Faculty told The Advocate this afternoon that they are currently pleading with Marshall to come in for some tests.

“We’ve never seen anything like it,” explained the expert.

“Apparently the other day someone called him short at mixed netball, and he just laughed and made a self deprecating joke.”

“He’s a truly remarkable specimen.”


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