Things are looking grim in the places like Moscow and St Petersberg today, with the reality of war starting to take hold.

Barely a day after Australia announced its strong economic sanctions, the people of Russia have found themselves queuing around the block in order to get food to put on the table.

Widespread shortages have been reported across Russia after Australia joined a few other Western nations in enforcing economic sanctions upon them.

And it’s believed that they are beginning to have a massive effect, with the nation that makes up 0.3% of our export market in serious strife.

Thankfully for the people of Ukraine, the freeze on the few million bucks in trade between the two countries is having the desired effects.

The sanctions come after Russian aggression in Ukraine, with President Vladimir Putin ordering troops across international borders.

He has since reportedly given the military the go-ahead for a special operation in Ukraine’s Eastern Donbas region, with explosions reported across Ukraine.

How long the military flexing continues, for now, remains to be seen though, with Australia’s sanction’s reportedly bringing the country to its knees.

“We can’t get kangaroo meet anywhere, no matter how man rubles you have in your purse,” said a weary-looking Moscovite with a crying child hanging off her arm.

“Please, we beg the Australian government to lift these sanctions so we can eat again.”

“My kids are starving. They ask, mummy where is the kangaroo, where is the pineapple”

“So please, for our kids. Stop these sanctions.”


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