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When it comes to common food related allergies and intolerances, there tends to be a pattern.

For gluten sufferers, going gluten free tends to be focussed on balance, occasionally consuming gluten products when wearing a tight dress isn’t required.

Those allergic to seafood or nuts are highly vigilant and avoid any types of food that could have the slightest trace, given they could be dealing with a life or death situation.

But for lactose intolerant people, it seems the concept of denying themselves dairy is too high a sacrifice. In fact, it appears they’re more likely to eat dairy products than their tolerant counterparts.

This is likely due to lactose intolerance developing in adulthood, which sees many people struggling to adapt to a diet as they’ve never needed to deny themselves a treat before.

For local woman Fiona Burke, she often finds herself having an internal struggle whether a few minutes of a delicious treat is worth the few hours of stomach cramps and diarrhoea. Which sounds like an easy decision in theory, but very hard to test when you find yourself staring at a thick double caramel sludge beckoning to you. A predicament Fiona finds herself in today, after strolling past her local gelato shop.

Mentally mapping out her plans for the night and the average time it takes for her stomach to stop chucking a hissy fit, Fiona concedes that yeah, she can squeeze in an explosion.

“Ahhh fuck it haha”, thinks Fiona, as she points to a swirl of brown mass that will likely look like her toilet bowl later, “thick double caramel please.”

More to come.


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