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Around the country, people are complaining that Qantas is charging whatever the hell they want for a ticket. Some have even shown proof online that the airline is actively price gouging the blue Jesus out of Australians.

Yet the airline’s boss, Alan Joyce, has told those who have taken umbrage at his business practices are more than welcome to fooken walk if they want.

Mr Joyce spoke to The Advocate in the Chairman’s Lounge at Remienko Memorial Aerodrome, where he seemed to double down on what he’d said earlier about walking.

“Look, I’m not sorry for trying to run a profitable business,” he said.

“And if you’re having a sook about paying more for flying Qantas, then I invite you to fooken walk. Honestly, there’s nothing stopping ya. Or better yet, why don’t you book with another airline and run the risk of them flying you into the sea or a fooken mountain? You could get the fooken bus, you could drive your piece of fooken shit car, I don’t fooking care,”

“But don’t you come sooking to me about paying to fly next to someone who’s wearing a pair of fooken pants and a fooken button up shirt. You want to fly next to someone in filthy tracksuit pants and a singlet, fly fooken Jetstar or Virign,”

“That’s just the fooken start of it. I can go on for days. And those who sook about paying more using a flight credit, you’re fooken lucky to get anything so just fooken use your flight credit and be fooken done with it.”

Our reporter and Mr Joyce then sat in silence until the peppermint tea arrived.

More to come.


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