24-year-old Sydney girl, Sally Hanna, is now realising that the dream of living in a brownstone one bedroom apartment on East 73rd street in the Upper East Side of Manhattan – while earning a 6-figure salary for writing 450 words per week as a sex and dating columnist – might be unattainable.

Despite living in NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Ms Hanna has quickly learnt that the glamorous lifestyle once presented by HBO’s iconic female lead, Caroline “Carrie” Marie Bradshaw – is that of a bygone era.

In the famous TV series ‘Sex & The City’, Bradshaw is a New York City newspaper columnist, fashionista, and later, freelance writer for Vogue and a published author.

The program, which outlines Carrie’s experiences as a New York City woo girl with a flock of pretty girlfriends (each with their own unique character subplots) is about as far as you can get from Sally’s exciting life new life in the same city.

For Sally, her experience isn’t too far off what the European backpackers back in Australia get up to while picking fruit in North Queensland to secure a bridging visa.

Carrie Bradshaw’s glamorous outfits, social life and exciting love life are nothing but nostalgic high school memory for Sally, who now spends her Tuesday evenings drinking cheap red wine in her deep Brooklyn apartment fire escape with her seven housemates, 3 of which she shares a room with.

“Its not as bad as people think,” says Sally, over Zoom while, her roommates sleep on the other side of the sunroom in their single beds.

“Danny DeVito came into the cafe while I was working the other day. Its moments like that when you remember that you actually are living in New York, New York.”

“I also met Ke$ha on the L-Line. I think”

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate, Sally’s Canadian room-mate Tammy (28) is a bit more of a straight shooter. She says it has been a big learning curve for the girls – who all moved to New York after growing up watching the sexy feminist propaganda.

“The only thing we have in common with Carrie Bradshaw is the fact that we spend most of our life complaining about how shit our most recent date was.”

“Sally also ghosts the first bloke that shows her any form of commitment – so that’s pretty bang on too”

“And yes, we have all missed rent at some point after getting carried away buying shoes”


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