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A local woman has unfortunately found out the hard way that she’s officially reached the ‘serious adult’ age bracket, after attending a house aorty on the weekend left her feeling a little out of sorts.

Cara Flemming [31] is alleged to have been invited to her friend’s housewarming Saturday afternoon, which she’d immediately garnered would include plenty of food, booze and the shenanigans she’d come to expect from having a party at home. 

As she’d rocked up with a six pack of szeltzers and sparkling wine (for her) and a bottle of Pinot Noir for the couple, Cara was horrified to discover that the house was packed to the brim with parents and their kids, and that the chances of her managing to get a game of Kings Cup going was pretty much nil.

She speaks to our reporter about this experience.

“None of my close friends have kids yet, so I just forgot that people have them now?”, she said, looking genuinely puzzled, “some of these couples were younger than me and looking after actual human beings.”

“I was shocked.”

Adding that she didn’t stick around for too long as everyone was preoccupied with chasing their children, Cara admits it did make her feel a little bit sad.

“Yeah, it’s confronting seeing people move on to that next phase of life”, she muses, “I had to call one of my trainwreck friends to commiserate with me.”

More to come.


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