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A local young professional has today lied to her colleagues and the world at large, by claiming she always wanted to be Miranda.

Referring to the popular tv show Sex and The City, the legal graduate at a large recognisable to people in the industry firm called Minties & Allens explained that she actually never wanted to be a Charlotte.

“I just find it so funny how many people wanted to be like Charlotte or Carrie,” said the Betoota Grove woman named Ashley Smith-Adams.

“I was always wanted to be a Miranda,” lied the young woman.

“Like yeah, Charlotte always had the perfect dresses, and the perfect art gallery job and all that. But as a young teenage girl I one hundred per cent always aspired to be the don’t give a fuck power suit go-getter Miranda.”

With her colleagues rolling their eyes at the obviously blatant revisionist history being spouted, Smith-Adams continued.

“Anyway, I get it that a lot of people when they are younger are attracted to being Charlotte, but yeah I never was.”

“I mean her obsession with getting married, sad,” explained the young woman who ‘literally’ cannot wait any longer for her fellow lawyer boyfriend to propose.

“Anyway, each to their own I guess.”


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