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The Betoota Grove chapter of the Young Liberals movement has called on the Federal Government to reintroduce National Service in an attempt to force people their own age to hang out with them.

The proposal will resemble the National Service program in countries such as Denmark and Singapore, where young men are required to serve between 4 and 24 months.

Local Young Liberal President, Prescott-Rhys Cutler-Khuntmann, sat down with The Advocate to outline his plan to motivate the youth of this country to get off their couches, leave their parents’ pool cabanas, and take action.

“Places that lefties hold up on a pedestal as being the great success stories of Western democracy, like Denmark, have national service for young men. Women don’t need to worry, as always,” he said.

“They also make it difficult for foreigners to become Danes. One thing the Labor Party doesn’t like to admit is that Australians need a steady stream of foreign workers to exploit because our spoiled youth are too busy playing bongo drums at some self-congratulatory metropolitan university or complaining about housing affordability instead of working in a proper service role. In Denmark, you’ll find ethnic Danes driving taxis and working in service roles. It’s a dream I still hold onto for Australia,” he added.

“Another fantastic benefit of national service is that we Young Liberals will have a captive audience. Other people our age will be forced to hang out with us, especially some cute chicks from different parts of the country, like Victoria or even Western Australia. Just imagine what that would be like right after finishing school. You immediately get to socialize with people you would never have had any business hanging out with before, but you also get to shoot guns in a paddock,” he explained.

“It would do so much for national cohesion and identity. Instead of being cruel to each other, we would help one another overcome adversity, like climbing over a wet wooden fence or crawling through mud under barbed wire while some soldier, high on synthetic cannabis, fires bullets over our heads. As a nation, we could achieve so much, but we keep surrendering to the lefties who prefer to sit in beanbags, eat chips, and label us as bigots.”

More to come.


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