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The war in Ukraine has been a hot topic at a Perth local this week after one of the boys suggested that all this turmoil began when JL was dropped as coach of Australia. 

“Now I don’t normally get into politics, but it is pretty convenient that as soon as the Aussies lack stern leadership Russia feels like it can do whatever it wants,” said the man called Crammo – (no one at the pub knows his real name).

When asked about the recent series in India and the stirring finish from the Australian team as part of the Post Langer Era, Crammo shrugged.

“I live and breathe cricket, but I don’t watch much of the overseas stuff. Kayo is a bit of a rip-off,” explained Crammo – this time while putting a $30 bet on a dog because it has a name similar to the street he lives on.

Pub owner Jerome then explained to our reporter that politics can often be an interesting topic amongst locals.

“It often gets a bit rowdy here when politics is on the agenda,” he told us.

“I don’t think anyone at this pub has any idea what is going on in Ukraine,” he said.

“They just wanted to bring up Justin Langer being sacked and have a cry.”

“Which is quite ironic – that these true blue Aussie battlers spend half their time complaining about the boss working them too hard then subsequently endorsing strict bosses.”

More to come.


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