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This Sunday morning two Riot vehicles were dispatched to Betoota Park’s most in demand public barbecue area.

Sources say the party was quite a pleasant affair until the Pinata was revealed.

“I don’t know what happened, the energy in the air changed,” said Jenny Graham(39), a mother of one of the party goers. 

It’s alleged that once the first pinata in the shape of Bluey had been decimated, a second pinata, the generic rainbow horse kind was revealed.

It was at this point that the first whacking stick broke.

The children then reportedly took it upon themselves to source replacement smashing implements.

Once fully armed, anything in the vicinity that could contain lollies became a target.

One of the mums was seen fleeing with a garbage bag full of paper plates and napkins as this too was assumed to be stuffed with confectionaries. 

Neighbours in the area heard reported screams such as “They aren’t wearing the blindfold!” and “Whizz Fizz got in my eyes!”

Only once riot police arrived and it was revealed that a riot policeman’s gear is filled with a human policeman who bleeds, and not more sugary treats, did this scene begin to relax. 

More to come.


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