Last night, I attended the 32nd Annual Landlord’s Property Gala held in Betoota’s Old City Convention Centre, rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the region’s property investment industry.

I spoke with many landlords that had of course capitalised recently on the so called ‘rental crisis’ by hiking their weekly rents up huge amounts, in some cases 75% (thank you QLD Government for not legislating any limit on how much us old war dogs can raise the rent by every 6 months).

Oddly, several landlords expressed to me a nagging sense of guilt for unnecessarily raising their property’s rent again. It was as though a voice in the back of their head was bothering them, telling them ‘it’s wrong to take advantage of those in need’.

This sense of guilt put a huge downer on what was otherwise a joyous evening.

It got me thinking if Betoota’s finest landlords are feeling guilt over price-gouging those in desperate need of a roof over their heads, then it’s only a matter of time until landlords across the country feel the same way.

Then it hit me. 

It’s up to me to stop the spread of guilt before it leads to altruistic actions like putting people before profit – ewe yuck!

Landlords of Australia, let me tell you the two most effective strategies you can use to ignore your guilt.

CHECK YOUR BALANCE – When you sense that terrible foreboding brewing up in your gut telling you you’re a lecherous profiteer with no heart, quickly check your bank balance. Those huge numbers will remind you exactly why you are a lecherous profiteer with no heart and thus guilt is successfully ignored.

EVICT SOMEONE – Perhaps your guilt stems from the fact you know the tenant you’re unnecessarily fucking over is a single mother who’s really struggling? Not even the most callous landlord wants to raise the rent on her again. 

But the profits won’t enhance themselves. So ignore the guilt by evicting the income-challenged swine immediately, then get a better tenant in and feel good about yourself again.

For more strategies to help you pretend it’s ok to do evil things, download my free E-Book, Landlording 101: Ignoring those emotions that make you human, and turn your better judgements into hollow profits today.


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