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A local single woman has today confirmed she has absolutely no interest in trying to find a man via one of these ‘run clubs’ she’d read about in the news, for the sheer reason that she looks like absolute dog shit when she exercises.

Despite seeing multiple Tik Toks and articles about people finding love on the run, Tilly Burman, 28, says will not be getting on board with the craze anytime soon – in fact, she’ll leave that to the gorgeous people.

“Trying to find a bloke through exercise groups is a hot person privilege”, says Tilly, “I am not a full time pretty person, I am a casual pretty person.”

“Blow dried hair, some foundation and mascara, a bit of lip gloss?”

“Yeah, I’m good to go.”

“Covered in sweat and gasping for breath?”

“Fuck no.”

Tilly goes on to explain that her face tends to reach a deep shade of red when she runs, which is made worse with the constant expression of pain.

“Look, I know if a fella likes me when I look like shit, that’s great blah blah blah.”

“But it hardly builds up your confidence when you spot a hottie at the gym while you’re gasping for air like a fish on a footpath.”

“Not for me.”

More to come.


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