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A local woman has decided to do something good for her mental health, by completely blocking out world events and turning to the fictional worlds that always bring her comfort – Friends, The Vampire Diaries and Brooklyn 99.

It’s alleged Evie had used Tik Tok as her main form of escapism, but now that her feed was inundated with news of Ukraine, she often found herself feeling depressed- though admittedly, pausing on videos of handsome soldiers was likely the cause of her sudden algorithm change.

Like every other person, Evie had hoped that after more than two years of covid related anxiety, the world would get a break. But history has a habit of repeating itself, and pandemics and wars tend to be closely aligned – and it seems like Australia has decided to chuck in some natural disasters too.

And as someone who often finds herself battling the black dog, doom strolling through the news does little to lift her mood, leaving Evie to wonder if the Amish had it right all along, and if it would be better for the sake of her mental health to just remove herself from technology. Or at least, the internet anyway.

Popping on her old Friends box set as she snuggles under a blanket, Evie takes a brief reprieve from the horrors of the world to enjoy some simple problems, such as who was right about taking a break.

More to come.


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