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Victoria is feeling even more smug than usual this week, after residents of the state have come to a huge realisation.

Those who call the lockdown capital of the world home have been pleased to learn that next weekend will be a 4 day one.

This follows revelations that Australia will hold a Public Holiday on Thursday the 22th of September – to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

That public holiday is the day before Victoria’s Grand Final Public Holiday Friday, meaning people who call the Public Holiday capital of the world home will be able to put their trotters up for at least four days.

Understandably, many of the sickly southerners are quite pleased with that fact, given it comes less than a year after they earned themselves a 260-day holiday.

Victoria famously enjoyed the longest holiday in recent history when they shut the state down for the better part of a year by coughing on each other and refusing to wash their hands.

“And we didn’t have to cough all over each other to get this one,” laughed local Victorian Fitz Roy.

“So it’s a real bonus.”

“Obviously, I’m quite devo about the passing of the Queen and all that, but a four-day weekend isn’t a terrible by-product of that,” explained the man who enjoys countless public holidays every year.

“At least we don’t have to spend it cooped up inside or walking around a park within five kilometres of our homes this time around.”

More to come.


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