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A local woman has today discovered that leaving tabs open on her phone won’t encourage her to read a book, but only to make her feel guilty for refusing to indulge in any form of entertainment that takes more than two minutes to consume.

It’s alleged Danielle Hutchinson [27] had collected a few recommended books from ‘Booktok’ (the book side of Tik Tok) which included a lot of Colleen Hoover novels, psychological thrillers, and fantasy themed smut.

Choosing to either find the book on Goodreads or keep open a pirated copy she found by adding the words ‘read online free’ after the title, Danielle had wrongly assumed that if she left the tabs open, she’d eventually get around to reading it. 

…which she definitely won’t.

Hovering her finger over the several tabs open in her browser, Danielle just can’t find the strength to exit them all, as doing so will be admitting that she no longer has as much discipline as her ten year old self, who could easily demolish three books a week.

More to come.


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