Australian’s aviation industry has been hit by a fresh new crisis today, with revelations that a popular flight destination is now essentially off the cards.

With years of staff culls resulting in serious logistical and operational issues, the price-gouging likes of Jetsar, Qantas and Virgin have now been rocked by revelations that Bali is under threat as a tourist destination moving forward.

This follows news out of Indonesia that marital sex and co-habitation before marriage have been outlawed, with jail times of up to a year facing offenders.

While Bali is a majority Hindu population (87%), 86% of greater Indonesia identifies as Muslim and has voted in a government that has pushed for more conservative social policies in recent times.

The new laws have been criticised by the tourism industry, who is worried that the strict new laws could deter tourists from descending on places like Bali.

And those fears have been realised in regards to the Australian cohort, with thousands of flights to the island cancelled.

It’s believed the risk of jail-time for getting a bit jiggy in some luxury vila just out of Kuta, has seen hordes of people from places like Perth and the Gold Coast cancel their holidays.

“It’s just too risky,” explained one Perth based FIFO worker who spends 3 months of the calendar year in Bali.

“I mean, I’m not running the risk of being in a nice massage parlour and having the cops bust in and arrest me,” he laughed.

“If you know what I mean.”

“What’s next, they are gonna ban Bintangs and tribal tattoos.”

“I guess I’m copping the extra couple of hours to Vietnam or Thailand moving forward.”

More to come.


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