The Indonesian government has today introduced another controversial new policy, banning a swathe of airlines from the popular tourist island of Bali.

The conservative government in charge of the world’s third largest democracy has revealed that only Virgin Airways will be allowed to fly in and out of Denpasar airport.

This decision comes shortly after Indonesia’s parliament passed a law banning pre-marital sex and co-habitation prior to marriage.

Adultery is already banned in the nation, with the new offences carrying a punishment of one year’s jail time.

On top of that move, which has people from Launceston to Perth fearing for the god-given right to have a cheap holiday at the expense of an impoverished regional neighbour, Virgin will now be the only airline allowed to operate in Indonesia.

The move comes as a logical next step, with the conservative government pushing to protect the sanctity of virginity until marriage.

The Indonesian Prime Minister Joko Widodo has yet to officially comment on the issue, but allegations have emerged that his perspective has been blurred by a fight he once had on a Jetstar flight one year.

Spokespeople for the Aerial Bali Bobsled that is Jetstar have yet to respond to the news, but are reportedly considering sticking with tradition and booking flights for people to have cancelled on them when they arrive at the airport.

More to come.


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