Once known around the world as the home of The Boy From Oz, the North-West NSW town of Tenterfield has today unveiled its newest landmark attraction.

The Big Speed Camera, a 10-foot road vehicle speed measuring device has been installed on the outskirts of town in a touching tip of the hat to the backbone of the area’s economy.

The town’s mayor told our reporters this morning that they hope it brings in plenty of people to the town.

“It’s a great initiative by our town’s Tourism Chamber and we hope that it brings a few tourist dollars in if you know what I mean.”

“No one really cares about that boring Henry Parkes shit.”

Local road-worker, Bud Allen (33) thinks the Big Speed Camera will be great for the town.

“The tourists already know about our storied history of sneaky speed cameras on the New England highway,” says Bud.

“Most of them have been stung before on their way through to Tamworth.”

“I reckon with a cafe and tobogan slide, this will be another great money-maker for the town – on top of all the fines it will generate”

However, the new instalment hasn’t been meet with unanimous approval.

One local we spoke to name Berrigan Walsh told us he thinks it’s just another revenue raising exercise by the council.

“I think it’s bullshit to be honest with ya mate,” he said.

“I’m a good driver, and I know what speed I can safely drive at without some big brother fucking thing trying to fleece my wallet.”

What the affect on the town is remains to be seen, but the Mayor has urged vandals to please refrain from defacing it for at least a couple of months.

More to come.


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