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A highly anticipated Australian film has been slammed this morning after it’s premiere last night.

The film titled Little Dog, starring Ben Mendelsohn, Hugo Weaving and Rose Byrne had been looked about as a potential blockbuster but has been criticised for one glaring mistake.

Everyone involved with the making of the film on the Gold Coast is under fire after their failure to include at least one character with a crippling heroin addiction.

“I’ve got absolutely no idea what they were thinking,” explained leading film critic at Fairfax David Pomeranz.

“Obviously they’ve all missed the memo, if you haven’t got Hugh Jackman in it, make it bleak film noir.”

“I mean, I came out of this film feeling uplifted, bubbly and in good spirits. You should come away from an Australian film feeling flatter that a Tuesday morning work commute after a scat weekend.”

Pomeranz said their were other problems with the film’s story line.

“Not a single problematic uncle figure lurking around.”

“And Ben (Mendolsohn) plays a fucking happy go lucky marketing executive. Jesus Christ.”

“Not even a coke problem.”

Despite the criticism from film critics and movie buffs, the film has seemingly done well across the country after it’s release last night.

More to come.


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