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The Wallabies have today launched their official jersey for the Rugby World Cup in Japan later this year.

Following a run of poor results and the whole off-field thing that has been the Israel Folau saga, the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) has confirmed today that things are looking up.

Given what could very loosely be described as a successful culture, the 2015 Socceroos have provided the inspiration for the Wallabies to strive to make it all the way through.

“Given all of the coin we’ve had to throw at lawyers over the last few months, we didn’t have the budget to design a brand new jersey for the World Cup,” an ARU spokesperson said.

“So we thought we’d just pinch the Socceroos jersey from a few years back.”

“And hey, they won the Asian Cup that year, so that’s something isn’t it.”

The ARU then explained that they are planning to sell a stack of the jerseys to their ever growing fanbase.

“Hopefully the kids out there convince their parents to fork out the $150 bucks for a jersey that doesn’t mean anything anymore.”

“Because these 6 minute interval highwaymen are really fucking stinging us for all their work on Israel Folau’s social media activity.”


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