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One of south-west Queensland’s leading neurosurgeons has taken the blame for the current shambolic state of our nation’s Medicare system after coming under fire for charging large sums of money for lengthy and complicated surgeries done in the private system.

Many of the procedures Professor Amanda Digby does are cutting edge – and often are the last hope a patient may have of staying in this world.

However, the locally-popular medical professional came under fire this week from some of her colleagues in the medical sorority with another leading Betoota surgeon taking aim at her accepting monies crowdfunded for the life-saving operations.

Taking to social media on Monday, Associate Professor Cait Ponk said it’s ‘pretty crook’ that Dr Digby was taking money from people who are that desperate to remain undead.

“Ah, I just saw Dr Mandy Digby blow through a red light in her new droptop M3 – the same Dr Digby who charges sick people $150 000 to save their lives,”

“Call me crazy but I think she can afford to do it for free.”

This morning, Dr Amanda Digby has accepted her criticisms, telling The Advocate this morning that she has to charge so much for surgeries because the Medicare system is slowly being ‘Americanised’ – which is her fault.

“I think it’s important that the media keep attacking egotistical god-complexed tall-poppy lunatic cancer surgeons like me, rather than questioning and attacking the bureaucrats who are killing Medicare slowly so people don’t notice,”

“They’re the reason why these procedures cost so much but ultimately, it’s my fault and I accept the blame on behalf of the Commonwealth. If you’re reading this Greg Hunt, I hope we get to meet one day. I hope for you it’s not in my rooms at Royal Betoota Base Hospital.”

The Advocate reached out to the Queensland Medical Board for comment but have yet to receive a reply.


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