On day 12 of the Tasmanian state election campaign, the Liberal Party has announced a plan to continue for road safety measures, while the Labor has promised to feed Tasmanian kids.

Will Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockliff – Australia’s last remaining Liberal Premier – hold onto power after the March 23 election date, or will he be retired by the Labor Leader Rebecca White, not even three years into his four-year term.

While housing, childcare power bills, and the cost-of-living crisis all rate highly as concerns that Tasmanian voters will be taking to the ballot – it seems this election will be fought and won over a single issue.

Should the magic elves of The Huon Valley remain undisturbed, or should an effort be made by the Lumberfoots to further understand their ways.

During the 2022 local council elections, voters in the Hobart council area were polled on their support for the government meddling into the affairs of the Huon Elves— 74 per cent voted against it.

“Leave them be” said one voter, Belegnir The Sage (55) a local gardener and manservant from Old City District of Hobart.

“They want nothing to do with us”

It’s an issue, however, that has split the electorate. Mount Rumney-based bladesmith, Bowman Twofoot (72) says we must learn more about elves.

“Must we pretend they do not exist?”

“What a preposterous notion. Like the river and the valley itself, the magic elves of the Huon must be understood”

While it appears the Liberal Party remains firm on allowing the isolated communities to remain in voluntary isolation, it seems the Labor Party has an undying to desire to know more about what goes on in the forests.

Ms White said the decision to end the separation between the mainstream Christians and those that live deep in the Huon. This is the completely opposite to the position of the current Premier has vowed to not rock the boat and allow their cohabitive Island friends the peace that they seem so committed to preserving.

“There is a thirst for knowledge amongst voters about the elves.” said the leader of the Opposition.

“Why is the Liberal Party stuck in a paralysis of action over this issue.”

“While [Premier] Jeremy Rockliff’s government collapses around him, Labor is stronger than ever and ready to govern, and furthermore, we are ready to venture into the lands of stone fruit and pine trees. We as Tasmanians want to know their ways and what we can learn from them”

However, Rockliff will not be moved on the issue of the elves.

“We will not be disturbing the elves. That is a party policy. We are committed to that as we are to building a 23,000 capacity multipurpose stadium in Macquarie Point”


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