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Taylor Swift pandemonium has swept the nation following the conclusion of the Australian leg of her Era’s Tour.

Hundreds of thousands of fans have flocked to her Melbourne and Sydney shows, with the opening night at the MCG in Melbourne on the 16th breaking her own record of the biggest crowd Taylor has ever performed to.

With 96,000 attendees (which is basically 480 of your niece’s dance recitals), and millions more hopefuls having missed out on tickets, attendance is not the only record Miss Swift has broken this week. 

In an unprecedented move as an international touring artist visiting Australia, Taylor Swift has reportedly not done a shoey at any of her concerts.

Despite the fact that Shoey Alums boast a whos-who list of celebrities including Harry Styles, Post Malone and Lizzo, it is reported that Taylor has no plans to join her fellow musicians in this cringe, albeit recent, Australian tradition. 

For the uninitiated; a Shoey involves a grown human adult person pouring an alcoholic beverage (usually beer, however Lizzo reportedly opted for tequila during her venture down under) into their shoe that they have been marinating in for a decent amount of time, and then drinking said beverage out of the shoe, often (and hopefully) to the delight of onlookers, whether it be a couple of boys down the pub or 70,000 screaming Harry Styles fans.

Studies show that partaking in the Australian tradition could lead to ill health effects such as oral thrush, Staphylococci infections, gastroenteritis, and a general ick from the well-adjusted people in your life, so Swift fans are reportedly “very happy” that Taylor is not participating.

It is undetermined if the Swift-Shoey would have happened had Brisbane been a stop on the tour.


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