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The embattled Tasmanian Premier has the political fight of his life ahead, trying to wrangle his minor government towards a positive outcome for all parties with regard to the state’s proposed new stadium.

Premier Hairy Gutwein is facing massive opposition from locals and parliamentary colleagues alike over his government’s plan to build an AFL-approved stadium instead of addressing the many issues Tasmania is facing first.

The housing crisis in Tasmania has seen ethnic Tasmanians displaced by rich yuppies cunts from Melbourne and Sydney who are buying local properties and maintaining them for the short-term leasing market, locking the Tasmanian people out of their own communities. They come down there with their money, Khuntmandu puffer jackets and push the price up of everything because they can afford to just pay $6 for a coffee and $14 for a fucking toasted sandwich, the cunts.

Tasmania’s health system is shot to bits and is in dire need of rejuvenation. Ambulances are frequently seen lined up around the hospital block. People who go to a hospital in regional Tasmania might as well go to the fucking vet instead.

“The stadium is a priority,” said Premier Hairy Gutwein to The Advocate this afternoon.

“I know that there a small sections of the population that don’t want the stadium built and for the government to improve basic amenities like the health and education sector but there have been funds earmarked towards improving those services in a timely and efficient manner so all Tasmanians, where you’re a Tasmanian by birth or just a mainland yuppie cunt that’s moved here for the lifestyle, can enjoy a brighter future here,”

“We have to build a new stadium with a roof because these mainland softcocks won’t go to the footy if they have to sit in the sleet like they currently do out at Bellerive. That’s a truth that we all must agree on. But look, it has a roof so hypothetically, people could live there if that’s what the other side of parliament needs to get it over the line.”

More to come.


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