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As news spreads of the passing of Tina Turner,  the nation has quickly started preparing to honour the Queen of Rock’ N’ Roll, the best way they know how – a stunning rendition of the Nutbush dance.

Australians have long since had a special place in their heart for Turner, who experienced a monumental resurgence in her 40s thanks to the unique partnership with Australian Rugby in the 1980s and 1990s, which then led to what is still considered the most iconic rugby song to this day – Simply The Best (1989).

But Turner’s biggest legacy with Australia is undoubtedly the ‘Nutbush Dance’ based on her song Nutbush City Limits, which Turner originally performed with former husband and music collaborator, Ike Turner, and has since been learned by any Australian who attended a public primary school (fun fact, Australia is the only country that does this).

Though the reasoning behind why Australians took so fondly to the Nutbush is hard to pinpoint exactly, it can be assumed that the song’s themes about hard workers with a strong community resonated well with the blue collar crowd, coupled with the fact that Aussies love nothing more than a good comeback story – also, the fact that dance moves provided the perfect exercise for young kids to learn hand eye coordination.

So today, primary school kids around the nation can be seen throwing their most energetic high kicks in honour of the trailblazing singer, which is exactly what she would have wanted.

RIP Tina Turner, Simply The Best.

More to come. 


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