Millions of pop-country fans around the world are today watching the first football match of their entire lives.

The event, the Super Bowl LVIII between the Taylor Swift Boyfriend team and the Homeless Epidemic City’s team, live from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas Nevada right now!

While the actual football is not really the centre of attention, the Swifties are keeping their eyes glued to the screen in a hope of seeing their demigod.

Which means they had to witness a musical performance that wasn’t quite up their alley, with Usher hitting the field for the Half Time Show with an array of talent.

Usher brought his signature style to the 2024 Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, sending anyone in the crowd over 35 wild.

After weeks of anticipation, the music icon, 45, nailed his halftime show performance, during which he sang hit after hit including “My Boo,” “Confessions” and “Yeah!”

The singer — who brought out H.E.R, Alicia Keys, Will I Am, Lil Jon and Ludacris (the latter two he previously said he’d be “a fool” not to have join him onstage) for his performance, wore Dolce & Gabbana.

However, for a local Swiftie, the whole show was ‘just a bit much.’

“I don’t know, it was just like really in your face, you know what I mean,” said the local Swiftie, really hoping our reporter knew what she meant.

“Like pretty aggressive and not really that catchy.”

“Obviously I want my Queen to just enjoy the day, so I wouldn’t expect her to have to perform.”

“But like, I don’t know, Justin Bieber was there. Maybe bring him out instead of Luude and Chris or whatever.”

“At least Justin might have played some good music.”

“I don’t know, I just think the NFL missed a trick on that one.”


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