Our friends across the dutch are today revelling in the show of a lifetime.

Tuning in from milk bars and offices around the country, New Zealand has marvelled at a musical performance from a man at very the top of his game.

The performance in question was that of superstar Usher, who took to the stage for the Super Bowl Half Time Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The show was put on after it was revealed that Taylor Swift would be turning up to watch her boyfriend and his friends have a run around play date.

“Me oh my boy oh boy that was somethunngggggg,” said one Kiwi to The Advocate this afternoon.

“Shotttttt geeeee, talk about skux my bro,” said another.

“That is as good as it gets man. Better than that time Scribe rocked Souled Out,” said another.

It’s believed that the performance from Usher will see him cement top spot on the New Zealand Singles Chart for the better part of the next decade.

The song surged to Number 1 in 2004 and hasn’t been knocked down in the 942 weeks since then.

Some had expected that a couple of reggae tunes may have made a strong run in the wake of the Bob Marley movie, but that now looks unlikely.

The country music charts in the land of the long white cloud have also seen some movement, with young up and coming country music star Taylor Swift getting a little bit of traction as a result of her TV coverage.

More to come.


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