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A local tradie has had his worldview expanded this week, after eavesdropping on his gay roommate who was gearing up to spend the weekend celebrating pride in Sydney.

It’s alleged Michael Punkett, 28, was flicking through Netflix when he overheard his roommate Ben having a very animated phone call in the kitchen, with the words ‘power bottom’ and ‘twink’ being of much more interest to him than rewatching Brooklyn 99 for the seventh time.

Patiently waiting until Ben had wrapped up the call, which took a further fifteen minutes, a very curious Michael enquired what all this lingo meant.

“So you know what a top and bottom are?”asked Ben, to which Michael nods yes, “so a power bottom is more in control, but they’re still ‘receiving’, if you know what I mean.”

“Ah okay cool”, says Michael, letting that sink in a bit, “and what’s a twink?”

“A twink is like, a skinny gay guy, so… me”. Explains Ben, gesturing to his lean physique, “And then you have a bear, which is like, beefy and hairy.”

“Otters are like bears but more slender. Twunks are like twinks but a bit more defined.”

Michael mulls over that over a bit.

“What am I hahah.”

“Am I a bear?”

More to come.


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