The fat cat executives at Rugby Australia are licking their wounds and their dessert sporks this week after failing to land the signature of another big name NRL player.

Determined to get their code into the news headlines this week, it’s reported RA staff and new coach Eddie Jones took Queensland schoolboy star Kaiden Harley-Hunt (24) to a highly publicised long lunch at Le Cochon Grassouillet, a French restaurant on Sydney’s Woolloomooloo waterfront.

With fine wine flowing alongside a nine-course degustation, it’s reported the team did their best to convince young Kaiden that his 6ft5 athletic frame was more suited to rugby, and to open up his eyes to the prospect of playing in stadiums around the world with the Wallabies.

However, after struggling to gel with the group of execs who couldn’t pronounce the name of his hometown of Gympie, insiders have told The Advocate that Kaiden has decided to pledge his allegiance to Rugby League.

The Advocate’s sporting spies are reporting that shortly after leaving the French restaurant, Kaiden took a cab to Bankstown Leagues club to discuss his future in Rugby League over a Chinese buffet dinner with NRL supremo Gus Gould.

Speaking to the teen prodigy, The Advocate can exclusively reveal that Kaiden will be signing a four-year contract with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and has hopes that he’ll finally do his father proud by getting a debut for the Maroons in the 2024 season.

“Yeah that French stuff wasn’t my vibe aye, the food was a bit small” Kaiden told The Advocate via Snapchat.

“It was a bit fancy, where as Gus just kinda understood me and ordered heaps of Sweet n’ Sour Pork, a few prawn toasts, a Mongolian Lamb and some Fried Ice Cream for dessert.”

“I know the money isn’t quite the same but he reckons he can get me a Dodge Ram through a 3rd party deal and an apartment on the Goldy through a property developer.”

“It just feels like League is where the money is at aye!”


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