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A woman has this week fallen victim to every gym junkie’s nightmare, by getting sick enough to require a few days off the weights.

Rhea Wagner [27] is said to have found solace in the gym after breaking up with her long term partner, resulting in a slightly unhealthy addiction to counting her macros and pumping weights on a daily basis – but at least with muscle gain, she has full licence to eat a fuck ton of food everyday (even if it is boring protein).

Unfortunately, after having just three days off to recuperate from her cold, Rhea says that not only has she lost the defined muscle lines in her arms (an exaggeration) but that she was no longer able to pick up her usual weights.

“It’s only been three days!”, exclaims Rhea, ‘three fucking days and I can now only lift half my usual weight.”

“I did my usual HIIT class and got winded.”

“It’s like my body has completely forgotten everything it’s been taught the past six months?”

“All that progress, just lost in an instant.”

More to come.


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