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A local woman has yet again found herself embarking on her yearly horndog ritual of watching Sam Rockwell’s dance scene in Charlie’s Angels, which she touts as both her sexual awakening and ‘the sexiest villain reveal of the 21st century.’

Clara Joyce [32] tells The Advocate that she’d been only twelve years old when Charlie’s Angels had aired, but that the scene of Rockwell dancing to ‘Simon Says’ by Pharoahe, had remained imprinted in her brain ever since.

Citing it as the reason she still continues to chase the bad boys, Clara says it was one of her more appropriate childhood crushes (Diego from Ice Age had her down bad for a while)- and one she still stands by to this day.

“I try to watch it at least once a year”, she admits, “it just randomly pops in my head every now and then.”


“The hair, the slutty black clothing, the smooth moves.”

“And yeah look, shoot me, the smoking is hot too, okay?”

“Rockwell had that original BDE.”

More to come.


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