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Interim Rugby Australia CEO Rob Clarke fronted the media this morning with his characteristic happy-go-lucky sensibility to announced rugby’s peak body had trapped 23 new marketing professionals overnight.

Before he left work yesterday, Mr Clarke said he pulled the old pigeon trap out from under Rugby’s Sydney headquarters and carried it up on the roof.

“I’ve seen a lot of pigeons up there. We’ve got a bit of cash floating around after that game on Sunday so we’re looking to grow the game a bit with it.” he said.

Rob then chuckled to himself.

“Now, to make sure you get the best pigeons, you’ve gotta use the best bread. So I went down to the shops and got some Helga’s, threw it in the trap and went back downstairs,”

“This morning, I got here nice and early. Had my coffee and walked around a bit. Went over to see how the new stadium is coming along. Spoke to some guy named Brad about what they’re doing. It’s all looking good. Anyway, I went up on the roof after that and the bloody trap is full of pigeons,”

“Might be a sign of the times but there were a lot of good pigeons in that trap. We ended up taking 23. One by one, I carried them downstairs in my hands and let them go in the marketing room.”

Rob then looked over at Phil Waugh, who was trying not to laugh.

Unable to stop himself, Rob burst into laughter and Phil followed.

“Oh shit, sorry guys,” he said.

“Nah look, we’ve got a room full of gun pigeons up there. Expect some hot content. Trick shots, slick videos, and all the usual,”

“But look out for like TV advertising, big photos of Michael Hooper on the side of buses. Social media, too. We’re gonna be everywhere.”

More to come.


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