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Opposition leader Anthony Albanese is aware of the influence and power News Corp still holds on this continent.

Which is part of the reason why he hasn’t exactly echoed the sentiments of Kevin Rudd this week as the former Prime Minister launched an offical petition to parliament over News Corps continued influence on our democracy.

In speaking to The Advocate today, Albo explained that News Corp is ‘pretty much’ a cancer on our democracy – but it’s one of those types that isn’t too bad, like testicular or skin.

“I know Kevin feels like Murdoch and News Corp are like full on pancreatic cancer, which is pretty much the worst you can get. Like, I’m not a doctor or anything but if it was able to roll Steve Jobs, who has more money than Christ, Buddah and Bill Gates put together, it’s got to be pretty bad,” he said.

“But yeah look, I can see where Kevin is coming from. He copped it pretty bad from News Corp there for a minute. Whereas me on the other hand have had a not-so-bad experience with Murdoch, so each to their own, I say,”

“I’d say News Corp is more like a melanoma. Like, you can just cut it out and throw it in the dog bucket and it’s all good provided you caught it early. Same with testicular. If you catch the bump on your nut, they just slip it out in day surgery. No worries. But yeah. Still not good and you’d rather not have it,”

“So just to recap. News Corp is bad but not bad to me.”

More to come.


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