Once again a small Chinatown mall, seemingly deserted on its ground floors, has been gaining notoriety for its unexpected culinary gem tucked away on its top level , a bustling food court that is extremely underrated.

The mall, which features mainly store fronts that screams “front for money laundering operation” has long puzzled tourists with its rows of mostly empty retail spaces, dusty windows, and for some reason lingerie stalls that look like they’re from 2002. Despite its dodgy exterior, the mall has managed to stay afloat, drawing locals and Asian cuisines enthusiasts to its top level food court. 

While there may be some from the quaint streets of Betoota Heights that might find it difficult to look past the faded menu signs, the old lady screaming out order numbers in broken English and the fact that there’s a literal child taking orders at one of the restaurants, many lovers of food from far and wide look forward to their authentic, cash only, Asian culinary experience.

More to come.


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