Patrons at one of Betoota’s most popular watering holes have confirmed to The Advocate that you are in charge of your own destiny if it all tees off today.

“Yeah, the big fella in charge of keeping drinkers in line today isn’t up to too much,” laughed one reveller at the Booty Bay Hotel this afternoon.

Famous for plenty of arrest worthy assaults back in the day, the Booty Bay Hotel (aka the Booty) has undergone a bit of a cultural change of late.

Which means that the huge teams of burly bouncers have dissipated into a somewhat motley crew of walkie talkie operators.

And the man with the walkie talkie tonight is Niko Farrugia.

Standing proud at 172 centimetres and weighing in at just a touch over 100 bucks, it’s fair to say Niko isn’t exactly the most imposing figure getting around the rowdy Friday arvo drinkers.

Add to that the fact that the great man may have seen a few two many winters to be throwing em with the young fellas, and you’ve got a bloke who might be letting the laws of the jungle apply if anything erupts.

“I don’t think he’s sorting out much if it pops off tonight,” confirmed another reveller.

“He’ll be pretty quick on the walkie talkie but I think it might be a case of politely asking the losing party to leave the premises as a matter of haste.”

“Apparently he was as mad as a cut snake back in the day, but time’s certainly caught up with him, and you can’t really blame the man for not wanting to get involved in something that could see him get belted.”

“The Reserve Grade boys floating around up the back of the beer garden are in charge if it all goes belly up I think.”


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