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Fans of Australian holidays might want to think twice about the right-of-passage road trip across the Nullarbor Plain as travel bloggers confirm it is only fun for the first 1000 kms.

Spanning over 200,000 square km, 1,100 kms across at its widest point, the Nullarbor Plain is a mostly treeless desert running along the shore of the Great Australian Bite spanning WA and SA.

The Nullarbor Plain is home to the 1675km long Eyre Highway, which includes the 90 Mile Straight, 147 kms of uninterrupted, straight Australian road.

Unfortunately for those traveling across the Nullarbor Plain, this long stretch of completely straight road is one of the Nullarbor’s main attractions which according to Lonely Planet is only really fun for the first 1000 kms. 

“We didn’t even see a single military aircraft we could have mistaken for a UFO,” states travel writer Marcy Campbell.

“At first we were so excited to be fanging it across the long stretch of unending horizon, until 1000 kilometres later it really began to set in that we were maybe halfway and that most of the road stops along the way were about as safe as breaking down in the desert anyway.”

Alternatives to crossing the Nullarbor by car include getting a flight to Perth or simply not going to Perth.


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