The current world war unfolding in Eastern Europe that has dominated Australian hearts and news cycles for two weeks, will now be taking a backseat to our own issues.

Namely, the fact that half of North NSW actually looking like a war zone due to unprecedented floods, earth quake tremors throughout Adelaide last night, and the constant shattering of rainfall records in Brisbane and Sydney.

However nothing has shaken the nation quite like the passing of our greatest sportsman in living memory, Shane Keith Warne.

Australians of all ages will not look back at March 2022 and remember the mood swings of Ex-KGB war criminals, but they will remember where and when they heard the news that Warnie had pulled up stumps.

His family have been offered a state funeral, and say they should have been – because people like Shane Warne are the reason we have state funerals.

More than a sportsman, Shane Warne was a cultural icon that blurred the line between world great and best mate.

He took some knocks and broke some hearts, but never lost his spark for life until his last day.

Rest In Peace to the King Of Spin. The greatest to ever do it – and a hero to all of us.


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