Former New South Wales Deputy Premier is facing a tough dilemma today.

With the inquiry into the granting of his plum New York job role still unfolding, John Barilaro is now looking at the prospect of having to sue himself for defamation.

This comes as the former leader of the NSW Nationals continues to defame his character in the public spotlight, with a new shocking revelation seemingly coming out every week or so.

The latest revelation about the job with a $500,000 annual salary package, came in the form of a comment from a former staffer who claims Barlilaro said this:

“This is it; this is the job for when I get the f*** out of this place.”

“I don’t want to go to London, f*** that, I’m off to New York”

Barilaro says the claims are ‘fictitious.’

The champagne ‘fictitious’ quote from the former staffer has drawn sharp inhales from people following the story, with Barlilaro previously claiming the job he created, then made a ministerial appointment, then resigned from parliament and then beat more favourable candidates to the role is completely above board.

However, these latest allegations, have now reportedly forced Barilaro to consider whether he needs to begin proceedings against himself.

“He’s contemplating whether he can get some money out of himself for making himself look poorly,” said an insider who asked for anonymity for obvious reasons.

“And technically he’s got a case. He’s damaged the reputation of himself.”

“So, keep an eye out for Balilaro v Barilaro in court listings near you.”

More to come.


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