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Though it’s only until June 30, Rugby Australia’s CEO Raelene Castle couldn’t hide her emotions as she set the sporting codes marketing pigeon free this morning in Sydney.

With a large net, an umbrella and the assistance of the Michael Hooper, Castle was able to corner the terrified bird in a fire escape at Rugby’s headquarters near the pile of concrete formally known as Allianz Stadium.

Just before 10 am, Castle fronted the media out the front of Rugby HQ with the marketing pigeon in her hands.

“This is just temporary, the pigeon will be back,” said Castle.

“We have no choice but to stand down three-quarters of our staff and unfortunately, that means our entire marketing aviary is now out of a job.”

With that, Castle raised her hands to the sky and set the wee pigeon free.

“Shine on you crazy pigeon,” she whispered.

“I’ll see you soon.”

More to come.


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